Things You Need to Know About Stomach Reduction Surgery

Stomach Reduction Surgery reduces stomach capacity by 75-80% vertically and provides a feeling of satiety by reducing the hormone level of ghrelin, which causes the feeling of hunger, by approximately 85-90% through surgery. It provides a balanced and satisfying weight loss. Since there is no need to absorb vitamins and minerals for survival after surgery, the chance of endoscopy is not lost. As the chance of reaching the ideal weight is extremely high, this surgery is in great demand.

Am I Eligible for Stomach Reduction Surgery?

The most important criterion that needs to be met for this surgery is a body mass index of 35 or more. The candidate should not have any heart or breathing diseases. Candidates are checked to be verified if they are eligible or not. A preoperative check is performed by a bariatric dietitian. Procedures such as blood tests and respiratory function tests are applied, and an operation is decided if the results are good.


Laparoscopy, which has been widely used in recent years, is a modern surgical technique performed by using robot arms to make 5 holes in the abdomen with an incision size of 0.5-1 cm. With this method, all risks are minimized. Other advantages of this method are that the patient is discharged sooner, and the healing period is shorter.

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