Natural and unnatural factors, especially aging, cause the skin to lose its old appearance and deform. Many surgical and nonsurgical procedures are widely preferred today in eliminating such aesthetic complaints. People who are not satisfied with their appearance can be treated without going under the knife thanks to aesthetic medicine procedures. In other words, since there is no need for a surgical intervention involving a deep incision in medical aesthetics, the procedure is performed without surgery.

The biggest advantage of aesthetic medicine procedures to the patient is that they eliminate the surgery that requires a long recovery period. The patient can return to his daily life in a short time after the procedures. Aesthetic medicine procedures performed with the request of the person can also be applied upon a recommendation of the doctor in some cases. For this reason, aesthetic medicine procedures are carried out in coordination with other branches of medicine.

Another issue that separates medical aesthetic procedures from normal aesthetic procedures is the age range of the patients. Nonsurgical aesthetic medicine procedures appeal to a wide range of age groups. For this reason, aesthetic medicine procedures are also successfully performed for lower age group patients for whom normal aesthetic procedures are not recommended.

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