Over time, discoloration of the teeth increases, fractures and cracks occur in the teeth and even tooth loss is observed. Such problems make people look older than they are. Due to tooth loss, lips become thinner and sunken, and lines on the face and around the lips become more pronounced. Over time, the teeth become shorter and discolored especially due to wear.

The facts that people started to value their appearance more and more and discovered how important dental health and smile are for a young, beautiful, and healthy appearance have developed cosmetic dentistry and activated the industry.

Aesthetic concerns can be eliminated without the need for anesthesia thanks to modern techniques such as aesthetic composite fillings and porcelain laminate, which create an extraordinary image change in people. With the cosmetic contouring technique, sharp and broken teeth can be fixed without damaging the enamel tissue and cosmetic treatments can be applied without serious applications.

The classical applications, which are made with conventional prostheses and provide a fake and lifeless look due to the use of metal, have been replaced by prostheses, which are almost indistinguishable from the original tooth and provide a beautiful and healthy appearance.

Modern, technological, and industrial approaches in Cosmetic Dentistry enhances the quality of service by increasing the success rate of diagnosis and treatment.

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