What is Cosmetic Face Surgery?

Cosmetic face surgery is one of the sub-branches of plastic surgery. It includes surgical and non-surgical applications that are performed according to the wishes of the individuals to eliminate the deformities formed on the face due to external factors, as well as to change the structure or appearance of facial areas.

Cosmetic face surgeries can be performed on either the whole face or certain parts of the face. The face is divided into three main sections as mouth and chin, cheeks and nose, forehead, and surrounding of the eyes. The whole face should also be considered while intervening in certain areas. For this reason, a detailed analysis of the patient's face is made by specialist doctors. Followingly, both the areas the patient wants to have surgery performed on and the neighboring areas are determined. In this way, the appropriate treatment method is decided.

Who Can Have Cosmetic Face Surgeries?

There is no age limit for cosmetic face surgeries. However, if there is no medical necessity, the patient must be over 18 years to have cosmetic face surgeries.

Sagging and various deformities begin to appear especially on the faces of men and women over the age of 40 due to aging. Although the changes in the skin depend on age, some external factors cause these changes to become more pronounced. Smoking and the use of alcohol, not paying attention to facial cleaning, irregular diet, air pollution, not consuming enough water, exposure to excessive sunlight, and excessive stress are among the important factors that form more pronounced sagging and lines on the skin at an earlier age. Cosmetic face surgeries are performed to reverse those and delay the signs of aging.

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