What is Ear Aesthetics?

Various congenital or acquired deformities that require aesthetic surgery can exist in the ear. These deformities include but not limited to the congenital absence of the ear completely or partially, extra cartilage protrusions around the ear, the collapse of the ear pinna forwards like a folded piece of paper (constricted ear), pointed ears like Captain Spark's ears (Stahl's ear), and partial or complete loss of the ear as a result of an accident.

Otoplasty literally means ear aesthetics. It is the process of reshaping the auricle and making it more natural and aesthetic looking. There are many surgical techniques and methods.

The most common deformity is the prominent ear.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

Prominent ear deformity, which used to disturb the people for a lifetime in the past, can be easily corrected with simple methods in today's world. Prominent ears are a nightmare of school-age children and they should be corrected at the right time and with the right techniques. Prominent ear surgery is a simple aesthetic surgery that does not carry serious risks. Nonetheless, it should be performed under hospital conditions by an expert plastic surgeon. It is performed by applying local or general anesthesia in line with the surgeon's recommendation, by also considering the age of the patient. Although the duration of the operation varies depending on the problem in the ear, it is usually completed within a period of 45-90 minutes. Depending on the ear structure, surgeon's technique and preference, the operation can be performed in front of or behind the ear. By applying an aesthetic operation aimed at the main cause of the problem, the ear cartilages are shaped properly, and the ear is repositioned backwards.

At the end of the operation, special tapes are attached to the ear and they are removed after 1-2 weeks. The incisions made during the surgery generally remain behind the ear and there is no scar that may cause aesthetic problems left. The surgery does not affect the patient's ability to hear during or after the recovery period and the person can easily continue his daily life. The prominent ear surgery is performed quite simply and quickly, and the recovery process of it lasts a maximum of 1-2 weeks. At the end of this process, the prominent ear appearance completely disappears, and the patient achieves normal and natural-looking ears.

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