Eyebrow transplantation is one of the treatment methods especially preferred by women. Since women regularly and constantly pluck their eyebrows, they encounter a problem called Madarosis. They lose the thickness and volume of their eyebrows they had in their teenage years. With eyebrow transplantation, it is possible for the eyebrows to reach their old volume and thickness. Eyebrows can also be lost due to traumas, burns, or accidents experienced. Eyebrow transplantation also gives successful results in these patient groups.

How is Eyebrow Transplantation Performed?

Eyebrow transplant operation is performed with the FUE hair transplant technique. The procedure performed under local anesthesia takes 3-4 hours. In eyebrow transplantation, follicles harvested from the nape are used. These follicles need to be transplanted at a certain angle and direction. Hair follicles come out of the skin at an angle of 45 degrees. However, eyebrows are very different, they come out of the skin at an angle of about 10-15 degrees. 500 grafts may be needed to achieve a healthy appearance of the eyebrows. Eyebrows have a shape directed upwards in the inner area, parallel to the ground in the middle area, and slightly downward in the outer area. For this reason, channels should be opened very carefully during transplantation. Otherwise, if the eyebrow is transplanted incorrectly, it may grow out differently, in the opposite direction or downward direction. For this reason, eyebrow transplantation is one of the procedures that should be performed by a specialist doctor.

Is Eyebrow Transplant Noticeable?

If the patient follows the instructions given after the procedure, eyebrows gain a natural appearance within an average of 3 months after the correctly performed transplant and it is not noticed that the eyebrows are formed by transplant.

What Should Patients Be Careful About After Treatment?

Very small, pinhead-sized crusts can be seen in the transplanted area for a week. However, as these crusts fall off rapidly, they do not prevent the patient from returning to daily life and work. Experts recommend that the person treated with eyebrow transplantation should not swim in the sea or pool, be exposed to intense sunlight, have a solarium, and do strenuous sports for two weeks.

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