Teeth are one of the first things that attract our attention while talking to someone in daily life. Having clean and beautiful teeth is very important to impress the other person. Hollywood Smile creates a more attractive, clean, and healthy look in the mouth.

What is Hollywood Smile?

This smile, specially designed for you, combines health and aesthetics to give you a brand-new look. The gender of the person, then the facial features, age, the alignment, and color of their teeth, the structure of their lips and gums are examined before designing a Hollywood Smile. The analysis of the facial features of the people who will have a Hollywood Smile designed gives information about the form of teeth to be chosen. In this way, the person who will have a smile design will achieve a perfect appearance.

Hollywood Smile has three optional types. The goal of the attractive smile is to restore the front teeth, which wear out and shorten over time and provide a younger appearance to the person. The purpose of the intellectual smile is to give the person a mature look. In this procedure, the lengths of the teeth are equalized. With the sportive smile design, the middle teeth are adjusted as slightly longer from the lateral incisors. In this way, a sincere and warm expression is given to the person.

How is a Hollywood Smile Made?

Having white teeth is not always enough. The appearance of crowded and different-sized teeth also creates problems from time to time. With this smile design that combines dentistry and art, the shape and symmetry disorders of the teeth are eliminated, and decayed, worn and discolored teeth are treated.

Having a Perfect Smile is Easier than It is Thought to Be

It is much easier for those who feel uncomfortable or bored with the appearance of their teeth to regain a new look with Hollywood Smile. Thin ceramics that will only be glued on the teeth not only provide aesthetic teeth but also protect their surfaces from being fractured, decayed, and worn out.

Porcelain or composite laminate is used in Hollywood Smile Makeover. Aesthetic teeth are gained with smile design. After deciding on the laminate type, the following steps are followed:

• A model for teeth is created by analyzing the structures of teeth and jaw.

• The ideal tooth form is created via a computer.

• Dental prototypes are created based on the data received.

• Prototypes are attached to the person's teeth and it is checked how they look. If the patient approves of it, the procedure gets completed by placing real teeth.

After having these procedures completed, you can have a smile that is as beautiful as Hollywood stars.

You Can Smile Like Hollywood Stars

It is now possible to achieve the appearance you desire thanks to the developing technology. After many celebrities, especially Hollywood stars, had this smile design made, it spread all over the world. In Turkey, dozens of celebrities achieved aesthetic teeth with Hollywood Smile design.

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