What is P.R.P?

P.R.P stands for Platelet Rich Plasma and in the PRP hair treatment, it is aimed to repair the hair follicles by applying the materials taken from the individual's blood to the scalp.

PRP hair treatment has become one of the best methods to prevent hair loss by providing great benefits in a short time.

Since the person's blood is used to repair the hair follicles in the PRP method, there is no risk of infectious disease existence.

Besides, no allergic reaction is observed. After the application, the recovery of the hair follicles occurs in a very short time. After PRP hair treatment is applied, hair texture begins to improve, thinned, and damaged hair follicles are repaired. In this way, the hair returns to its healthy days.

How is PRP done?

  • First, 10-20 ml of blood is drawn from the patient.
  • Red cells in the blood are separated by specially developed centrifuge and microfiltration methods.
  • After this procedure, a rich material of plasma, which will be applied to hair follicles, emerges from platelet and thrombocyte cells.
  • After the application, the hair follicles start to repair themselves and return to their healthy states again.

Shortly, PRP is a treatment technique created based on new hair growth, prevention of hair loss, and strengthening of thinned hair by using the patient's blood.

The Benefits of PRP

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This method, which is started to be used as a cellular treatment method, is an application performed by using people's blood cells. PRP allows the desired results to be achieved thanks to the keratinocyte and epithelial growth factors provided by thrombocytes to the skin areas where the patient's hair is thinned.

This treatment method allows thinned hair follicles to thicken and become voluminous.

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