What are Forehead and Brow Lifts?

There are lines in the forehead area, the depth of which varies among people. However, these lines deepen and become apparent over time due to aging. Eyebrows also descend due to aging.

This situation causes the person to look tired and upset. Genetic and some other factors (irregular diet, irregular sleep, inactivity, stress, etc.) accelerate the emergence of these problems in the forehead and temple area.

How is Forehead-Eyebrow Lift Surgery Performed?

In forehead and temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery, the deep lines on the forehead are smoothed, and the descended eyebrows are lifted. In this way, it is aimed to provide a lively look and a healthy facial expression instead of a tired and unhappy one. Some of the lines around the eye can be smoothed by lifting the eyebrows.

In some cases, it may be necessary to remove some of the skin to eliminate the excess sagging in the forehead and temple area. For this, the typical forehead and temple lift surgery is performed. In this method, a crown-shaped incision is made into the scalp 4-5 cm behind the anterior hairline.

In the cases of excess skin removal is not necessary, forehead and temple lift operations can also be performed with endoscopic methods. The incision is not made all along as in the typical method. The procedure is carried out by making three or four 2-centimeter incisions in the scalp behind the front hairline.

What Should Patients Be Careful About After Forehead Lift and Eyebrow Lift Surgery?

After forehead and temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery, a bandage can be applied while leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth open. The bandage is usually removed after 2 days. Stitches are removed within approximately 1 week. It is natural to observe bruising and swelling around the forehead and eyes. There may be slight numbness and a feeling of tension. All of these reduce and disappear spontaneously within a week or two.

The patient can return to his daily life 2 weeks after the forehead and temple lift (eyebrow lift) surgery. However, the patient should avoid heavy exercises, excessive sun exposure, and receiving blows for several months.

Post-operative results differ according to personal circumstances and lifestyles. The effects can last 5-10 years in some people and lifelong in others.

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